Ever wanted to find a place to sell your Equestrian products but didn’t know how to set up your own website or business? Now you don’t need to worry about all that stuff, welcome to Equishoppe.

Equishoppe is a marketplace for anyone that wants to sell their Equestrian / Horse related products online!  We are different from tack shops in that we are a site that exists for sellers to sell their products. Much like other familiar selling sites.

You deal 1-on-1 with the customer via email or live chat, and you (the seller) are responsible for shipping and order updates.  Equishoppe has no play in what you sell and how you ship things, etc.  Sellers are responsible for handling their customers.

There is no fee to become a seller, and you can sell as many items as you want!

So what are you waiting for? Become a seller today!

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